Could The Antibody OvalgenHP Destroy the HP bacteria?

This is a question that many people are concerned about in preventing stomach cancer. OvalgenHP antibody is the only antibody that currently has the specific effect of inhibiting urease, a vital component of H. pylori in the stomach, thus being able to kill the H. pylori bacteria in a Indirectly following the following mechanisms:

Urease enzyme activity inhibits Hp bacteria do not neutralize the stomach acid environment should easily be acid kill.
Reduction of the adhesion of Hp on gastric mucosa should increase excretion of Hp.
Destroys the membrane structure of bacteria Hp, thereby reducing the amount of bacteria in the stomach Hp.
In addition, the scientists also pointed out that Urease enzymes not only exist on the surface of bacteria Hp but also released outside to poison the cell mucosa. Current antibiotics focus on destroying Hp but not on the free Urease. Meanwhile, OvalgenHP is capable of inactivating Urease enzymes, thus reducing the toxicity of Hp bacteria in the stomach, helping to reduce the symptoms of gastric disease caused by Hp.

With the mechanism of action on the cell membrane, OvalgenHP antibody also increases the permeability of antibiotics into the Hp bacterium, decreasing and losing the drug resistance of Hp by the protective membrane mechanism. Therefore, OvalgenHP is an effective supportive solution in conventional Hp regimen, including previously resistant Hp strains.

Scientific studies in Japan, Korea, and Europe have shown the possibility of eradicating Hp of the OvalgenHP antibody. In a Japanese study by Tetsuro Yamane, Matsushita Hospital, OvalgenHP tested negative for 76% of subjects tested for OvalgenHP dosing (twice daily, after meals) When used continuously for 3 months with OvalgenHP.

OvalgenHP helps negative for Hp in gastric patients with Hp

The study also showed the possibility of reducing the symptoms of gastroenteropathy in patients with gastroenteropathy caused by Hp bacteria, namely abdominal pain.

OvalgenHP helps relieve symptoms of abdominal pain in patients with Hp gastric disease

In summary, compared to traditional methods to eradicate Hp stomach, OvalgenHP is a much more comprehensive and safe solution. Not only is it possible to be negative for Hp when used alone, this antibody also demonstrates the superiority of its ability to work on resistant strains of Hp when combined with conventional Hp regimens. Equally important, OvalgenHP is absolutely safe for babies, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, diabetics, immunocompromised people … After more than 13 years of use in the form of food in Japan OvalgenHP preparations do not cause any adverse effects and contribute to the policy of eradicating Hp from the Japanese community.

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