The strange signs of depression

Anyone can fall into depression without knowing it or they will not admit that their morale is down. Here are some signs of depression:

Over confidence
Many people, especially those who are more successful around them, often deal with depression by going against what they are feeling. For example, they will pursue ambitious goals abnormally, or give up their current job to pursue a personal business. This reaction can happen when a person feels helpless and uncontrollable. Excessive effort in the bedroom is also noteworthy for individuals who may be depressed.
Anyone can fall into depression without knowing or not realizing that their spirits are down.
Drink too much alcohol
Alcohol helps to numb the nervous system, allowing people to withstand daily activities, according to British playwright Bernard Shaw. The fact is that drinking is the most common coping method that people use to treat their own emotional trauma. The problem here is that this therapy often pushes them into a double crisis and does not help ease the aching spirit.
Hot and irresistible
One of the hallmarks of depression is the tendency to overheat. Just a small scuffle enough to cause them to fight aggressive. Or many people choose to ignore their own emotions, and consequently do not solve anything but push those who are interested in the dilemma. Another sign of depression is that you have trouble receiving the praise or kindness of others.
Can not stop of social relations
Broad communication seems to be a positive move. However, if only to help you feel less lonely or do not have to face the real thoughts and moments of sad reality, social relations are not the way to solve problems. That is not to mention you will not be happy when the day to try to fill the time with no sense of dating.
Inability to concentrate
Effortless effort but unable to stop the stream of thought overwhelmed the mind. This can be a sign of depression. If dreamy but outlines the measures to reach the ultimate goal, go for it. But if from an ordinary person who wants to be a star in one night, it is the beginning of anomaly.
Work hard but not creative!
When the spirit is down, one can not give a proper solution to a problem. Depressed people may bury their head in the workplace, but the results are not very good, because their intelligence is completely obscured. And any problem can push a depressed person into a difficult cry of crying. They simply do not master their emotions.

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