Experts warn of the risk of resistant Hp bacteria and new treatments

Increased drug resistance Hp is the main cause of failure in the treatment of acute and chronic gastroenteropathy associated with Hp. This is an alarming situation in the context of gastric diseases caused by Hp bacteria is rapidly increasing along with dangerous complications such as perforation stomach, stomach cancer.

At the Digestive Conference held in November 2016, the topic of resistant Hp bacteria has received a lot of attention from doctors, experts in the field of digestion. The conference has updated the latest reports on the status of resistant Hp bacteria, new solutions for Hp eradication and comments from industry experts on the issue.

A joint study between the University of Sydney and the University of Medicine and Pharmacy. Ho Chi Minh City showed that the rate of Hp bacteria resistant to Clarithromycin (at MIC 0.5mcg / ml) up to 85.5%, resistance to Metronidazole is 35%. Of further concern is that for Levofloxacin, a new antibiotic that has recently been included in the Hp eradication regimen, the rate of resistance has increased to 28%.

According to a recent study by doctors at Vinmec International Hospital, the efficacy of PAC therapy (the most commonly used Hp eradication regimen) is only 34.5% – a figure Really too low! The 4-drug regimen with Bismuth was associated with a higher therapeutic efficacy (88.6%), however, with severe side effects such as diarrhea, fatigue, and mouth edema. Large barriers that prevent patients from adherence affect the effectiveness of eradication of Hp.

The second treatment regimen with Levofloxacine was only 60% effective in eradicating Hp, while Levofloxacin was a new antibiotic and the undesirable effects on bone and cartilage of this antibiotic were also remarkable. toothpick.

Treatment is more difficult for children because of the limited choice of antibiotics, increased resistance, and undesirable effects. The results of the study by the National Pediatrics Hospital at the National Pediatrics Conference 11/2016 showed that the rate of Hp infection in children in Vietnam is high and often infected early, effective treatment of 2 Hepatitis eradication regimens (amoxicillin, lansoprazole, clarithromycin or metronidazole) were equally low and only 66.7%.

For the above reasons, experts are constantly searching for more effective and safe Hp eradication solutions. Also at this conference, the former Head of the Department of Gastroenterology, Central Military Hospital “108” (Vietnam) had a report on the topic “Efficacy of supportive treatment of GastimunHP in patients with chronic gastritis, Gastric ulcer – Helicobacter pylori infection “has opened a new direction for the treatment of gastrointestinal disease with Hp, especially in the context of Hp drug resistance increased rapidly.

Expert warns of the risk of resistant Hp bacteria and new treatments 2

The study was conducted on 71 peptic ulcer patients with positive H. pylori and divided into two randomized groups: the experimental group using GastimunHP and the Hp EAC regimen (n = 36) and Patients with EAC-based regimens without GastimunHP (n = 41).

RESULTS: GastimunHP patients had 28 patients with negative UBT (77.78%), while those without GastimunHP had only 16 patients with negative UBT (41.46%). %). In addition, symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, flatulence, heartburn, and vomiting were rapidly improved in the GastimunHP group after one week of combined use.

The study demonstrated the efficacy of GastimunHP, the first and only product containing IgY antibodies that directly inhibit the Urease enzyme of Hp. Thanks to the specific action of this antibody, Hp is readily destroyed by antibiotics, acid in the stomach thus eliminating even antibiotic-resistant Hp antibiotics.

The composition of GastimunHP is very safe OvalgenHP antibody, virtually no significant side effects and can be used long term in both adults and children, pregnant and lactating women. The product has been distributed in Vietnam and contributes significantly to the fight against Hp, repels chronic gastritis, reduces the risk of stomach cancer.

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