Mind and spirit of macrobiotic eating

Before I started the vegetarian phase, I felt that I had a lot of energy in my body. So I like physical activities like playing basketball, cycling, practicing martial arts … At the same time, I am more ambitious to express myself, but my body is also heavier and easier to get angry. By the time I became a vegetarian, I clearly felt the lightness of my body. The mind and spirit are also more agreeable. In return, I’m faster hungry and less involved in social activities.

However, the common point of these two periods was that I did not understand what my body wanted. I eat just because of personal habits or desires. If I get sick, I take medicine, if I’m afraid of lacking of vitamins, I will give protein to fatigue. But what is really going on in person, I have no way of knowing.

That has only become clearer since the day I learned and practiced macrobiotic. Maybe this noun is now more familiar to everyone, but in the past it was quite strange. Macrobiotics, or Macrobiotics, is a dietary nourishment method developed by Mr. Sakurazawa Nyoichi (George Ohsawa). What attracts me most when I know about macrobiotic is that this method allows me to be able to understand more about myself. Originating from the law of yin and yang of all things, Duong Duong points out the correlation between natural products, the way food affects the human body, and then suggests ways of selecting and processing food. how to eat … v … v …

Now let’s get back to what I said above. Each of us is a completely different individual. Therefore, there cannot be the same standard in eating. So, the only person who knows what you should eat, is you.

That’s why when people come to me to ask what they should eat, I often answer that I don’t know. At the very best I can only advise them, eat simple. Why? Because people usually only care about eating when they are sick. At that time, the first thing to know is what your illness is and why. Want to understand, the best way (that I know) is to eat simple. It is not natural that Mr. Ohsawa proposed method 7, which means eating sesame brown rice. No matter whether the dish is balanced or not, just the fact that it is small and simple, has helped the body a lot in finding and solving the problems they are having.

This is also the way that macrobiotic cures many people. In fact, this method does not “cure” any disease. Their principle is that, when you stop poisoning your body and create favorable conditions, the body will know how to cure itself.

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