Pre-marriage crisis

Why pre-marriage crisis? How to pass it?
You test-drive several vehicles before buying your car, read every tech blog possible to see which smartphone is best for you, and even text a few dressing-room pics of yourself to a friend before buying that cute maxi dress. As an educated, modern person, you know researching your options and getting a few opinions can be a good thing. So, why are we so afraid to get a little help when it comes to your  relationships?!

Couples therapy, relationship coaching, premarital counseling — most people would agree these are all great ways to help your relationship grow and thrive. And yet, no one is ever excited about going to see their therapist. Is this reluctance to premarital counseling due to a fear of admitting our lives aren’t “perfect?” Or do we just think it’s a waste of time? Read on to get the pros and cons of premarital counseling from therapists, counselors and family-law experts who outta know!
Whether a wedding is simple or luxurious, the bride and groom both feel great happiness. Because it is  the moment they are officially husband and wife. However, few understand the premarital mess that young couples face. Each person being in a bad mood makes them easy to fall into heated arguments, followed by indifference and easily letting go.
There are some people with very unstable mood, although there are still a few days left to the ceremony but they do not want to marry anymore because of fear of “suffering” upon witnessing many broken marriages, domestic violence or loss of freedom, … Sometimes they feel uncomfortable with formalities, rituals, living together and all the wedding expenses … all will lead to psychological instability, confusion and restlessness. And the bride is always more sensitive and anxious about living in her husband’s house with his family, so she is more prone to stress.
How to overcome this period of stress?
According to statistics, nearly 30% of divorce cases are due to lifestyle conflicts between couples. The cause is not because couples are forced to marriage, or because they do not love each other, but often because of lack of skills for living together, of the knowledge necessary for a married life.
So, if you are about to retire from celibate life, please carefully prepare a good bag for your marriage boat to reach the shore of happiness. Prepare yourself for the best pre-marital knowledge.
You can join the “Pre-Marriage Class” to thoroughly prepare the necessary knowledge for the married life. A pre-marriage class will help you master problems such as stages of marriage, plans for your new life, family relationships (mother-in-law, bride), …

Love always depends on the emotions and your emotions are fluctuating up and down, it is very easy to understand. Be sure to balance your mind and emotions before deciding on the important turning points in your life. Do not let pre-marriage crisis dominate you. Both need to comfort and encourage one another. And to avoid the biggest controversy, you should warm up the feelings of love to be able to hold each other’s  hands throughout life.

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