Breath test for the treatment of stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is a common disease in Vietnam, according to cancer suspects in Hanoi, stomach cancer is the second leading cause of cancer. The disease can develop in any part of the stomach and can spread to other organs of the muscles such as the esophagus, lungs, lymph nodes and liver. According to the statistics of stomach cancer each year can cause 800,000 deaths worldwide.

Most of the diagnosed cases of stomach cancer are usually at the developmental stage of the disease. Therefore, the result of treatment is not good for the patient. Early detection is timely treatment before the disease shows signs of spread to other organs, the chances of successful treatment will be much higher. However, the symptoms of the disease are often unclear at an early stage, so early development of the disease may be difficult.

A test conducted in Israel shows that breathing can help detect the earliest signs of stomach cancer.

The team said the technique uses new technology to detect small changes in the concentration of specific substances present in the breath, and pinpoint the changes that signal progression. Outbreak of disease in breathing muscle.

The results indicate that this test has an accuracy of 85%, meaning that the breath test is an effective test for finding people with cancer (80% sensitivity) and also identifying exactly who No cancer (81% specificity).

If this result is confirmed in larger trials, this may be a non-invasive test for screening people at high risk for stomach cancer.

Lead researcher, researcher Hossam Haick, said that gastric cancer progresses in several stages, but no effective, reliable and non-invasive tests are available to detect the disease at this stage. early. Most people diagnosed with late-stage stomach cancer are at a stage where the effectiveness of cancer treatments is very low.

“Our study is based on the assumption that detecting precancerous lesions can reduce the incidence and risk of dying from stomach cancer,” he added. Huge number of patients, including those with stomach cancer or pre-cancer in progress in Europe “

This study was published in Gut magazine April 13. Just testing, hopefully this method will contribute to the early detection of stomach cancer.

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