[Recipes]: Kombu porridge with turmeric

Everyone is extremely busy to start the first day of the week how to be effective.
Going to the market to buy anything to eat, all your husbands thought it was easy but it was hard to imagine. That’s when the children are already quite grown up so the family can eat together.
With children, the job will be increased many times.
Now let your child eat anything, quality or not, today you will give your child a little more natural zinc or a little extra calcium …
Understand those difficulties though very busy. Because I have to temporarily put aside my work to continue my work to help you have the most diverse options for your child.
Have you ever wondered why the number of previous porridge used to use Fried seaweed or not, this number will help people better understand this food.
The simplest understanding is to help the food balance acidity, help porridge quickly, create a sweet, positive body.
Fried seaweed has a Japanese official name is Kombu.
In Japan, a country famous for its cuisine which is associated with health, lack of Fried seaweed Japanese cuisine cannot exist.
Its distinctive flavor is the basis for dashi broth, the traditional broth for soups and noodles.
The ear spectrum is often used as a side dish or supplement to cereals, beans and tubers that are alkaline
Because Kombu Fried seaweed is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, salt, vitamins A, B1, B12, and C. There is no protein and it is easy to digest carbohydrates. Vegetarians and vegetarian diets cannot lack this food.

1 small fresh turmeric
A Fried seaweed as big as a hand
Fragrant eight rice as big as a hand
Baking method as big as a hand
Quinoa as big as a hand
Lentils as big as a hand
Dill, coriander, Chinese coriander.

Universal ear soaked with 1 liter of warm water to soften, cut or cut pomegranate seeds for easy eating, chopped fresh turmeric, put a little sunflower oil on the kitchen, fragrant non-fragrant fresh turmeric, fried seaweed and cooked for frying waking up and rich in smell
Types of rice, upland glutinous rice, quinoa seeds, lentils soaked overnight, use 1 liter of soaked water with Fried seaweed to cook porridge, add a little salt when cooking, for children over 1 year of age, and “under 1 year of age limit salty diet ”.
Turmeric deodorizes the fishy smell.
Cook porridge on the stove with very low heat so that the ingredients are cooked, soft, match.
When the porridge is cooked, the Fried seaweed portion was stir-fried with turmeric, boiled again, dill, Chinese, coriander drop into the porridge, mix well and clogged the kitchen, scooping the porridge into a bowl for children to enjoy when The heat has dropped, so eat congee while it’s warm.

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