How to communicate and play with autistic children

Because autistic children are deficient in interpersonal skills and social interaction, the mother or caregiver needs to have special ways to communicate with the child, and to help them be more confident, to communicate more.

If you think autistic children do not want to communicate and only want to play alone, it is not quite right. Children play alone because we do not understand how children play. When we get annoyed, it seems that we do not understand why children keep running around, kids playing with toy wheels while we want to teach children to race cars, why children cry gratuitously ( Which is not without a reason?
1. always cheerful
This is very important. If the mothers notice will recognize when I am upset in my heart, I can not teach you anything, even that sadness is “transmitted” to the child. And for a few weeks without intermittent intervention, we will see you fall down “catastrophically”. So try to have fun with children, children will be brave and confident to communicate more when the mother is always smiling and warm …
2. Always speak loudly, clearly, and briefly
Instead of saying “do you want to play swings with mom?”, Say “swing?” Or “want a swing?”
Instead of saying “clean up the toy again”, say “clean  toys!”
Instead of saying “go to the toilet, wash your hands, wash your hands”, say “take a shower” or “wash your hands”
Always “agree” with the child.
This is relatively difficult, but I will try to explain it to you. Imagine, if someone is proposing anything,  and you keep refusing and  saying “no”, then the dialogue will quickly end? If you ask “do you want to eat curry tonight?” The other said “Oh, okay, chicken curry or curry?”, You say “chicken curry I like to eat a lot of sweet potatoes. Eat out, go home to the park to play home! “The other said”  Bring the atmosphere to your children.
For example, children say “go swimming” you will say “okay, I go swimming. Where do you want to swim? Rach Mieu Lake or Van Thanh Lake? “
Children say “go to the bookstore”, you say “okay, I go to the bookstore, you like to buy books or buy toys?”
3.Agree with your child and give your child a choice, which will encourage him or her to communicate a lot. If your child does not speak much, take pictures for the child to choose.
So what if kids want things that we think are not good?
For example, children want to eat candy, you have already given a child, and children still want to eat next? We give children the choice of “Now you eat candy, you have to brush your teeth right now, or not eat candy anymore and you will lead children to play slipper offline?” (Children do not like to brush their teeth, and children love to play the slide. )
So children will have to choose between (the child wants + a child does not accept / hate) and (the mother wants + reward).
If your child still wants to eat candy, use the candy to teach your child to do other tasks. For example, I say “okay, I’ll give you a bundle of candy after you clean up the toy.” Hold candy in front of the baby and say “clean up and eat candy”. When there are rewards, the children will be very eager to do. My son is the same, even though it feels difficult, but when there is an incentive, you will see, “Oh, you can do more than you think.”
However, keep in mind, once your baby has finished making your request, your face must be brighter, you embrace the baby, compliment your child’s actions enthusiastically. “Oh, I cleaned up the toy too. I know how to help mom. ” Well, then, the young mind is flying because of the compliment of the mother, the child will be happy, the reward “candy” is not really important. If you do not have this step, it will be like a “bribe” …
4. Do not let your child play alone, play with the child.
If your child puts the car in a long line (this is the child’s favorite toy), add the car to the row with the child. “One baby, one mother, one long one …”
Sometimes it is not necessary for us to play with young children playing. For example, on the street, she just grabbed her bag, holding her child tightly so she would not run out in the middle of the road. Instead, give her a small bag and ask her to help her. Children will not run out of the street because they have to bother about carrying bags.
Or the child at home, staring at the television screen, watching the ad. Mom is cooking, let her pick her own vegetables, arrange furniture on the shelf. Please be patient, guide slowly.
5. Give your child the opportunity to do it themselves
After many instructions, children seem to still do not know how to do, it is natural that mother wants to help children right away. But if you always do things for your children, they will not have the chance to show that they are capable of doing more than you think they are. Let children walk on their own, they know that “the baby is ready to go,” if the child does not wear shoes, the child will not go out. And your job is to wait patiently …

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