Confident women are more capable to find happiness in love and marriage

Being beautiful, docile, well-educated and born into a good family is almost absolute standards for a girl to have a perfect love and marriage opportunity. 

However that era was long ago. Today, these values still mean something, it is still valued by society, but many girls who have these qualities and strengths still cannot find love. Why so? Because decency and beauty are no longer the only ticket for a woman to happiness, but instead, confidence is the decisive factor.
For example, in older times a girl could only wait for her man to confess or propose marriage; but today is much different than before, women must be self-confident and actively seeking happiness for themselves. Let’s find out why confident women can find happiness in love:
Do not love and marry blindly
Confident girls always believe that they will find the right man, they know that they are beautiful and charming enough, and believe that they will find a man who deserves their love.  They know someone will like their personality. The timeframe for women’s marriages is now also more extensive, at  30’s age women can still find good husbands. So girls, don’t decide to engage hastily, marry a man who does not match only because of worrying about not finding a good husband.
Realize that broken love is not their fault
When love or marriage breaks down, people blame the woman; and the woman blames herself too “That I’m not good, that I do not care well for my lover or family; I’m old, ugly, less attractive”, and self-agonizing, giving advice to others that trying to hold on to love and marriage, even if it has no good reason to exist.
There are thousands of reasons why your love is broken, but usually because two people do not match. As a confident girl, you will not admit your own fault, which you will accept in the most natural way, overcome that sadness most calmly. Life is long and there are still a lot of opportunities, don’t hurry.
Determine the limitations in love
Confident girls always prioritize their needs and emotions, they know what they want and they do not do things they do not like. Unsuspecting girls do not know how to limit their love, can do things that hurt themselves, live on the feelings of others. Girls confident will maintain personal life with work, friends, … along with her other half.
Believe in own decision
In love, the confident girl will almost completely trust in her decision. They will not worry about their love, worrying whether the partner is the perfect one to look for or not. Thanks to that, they are always active in love.
Do not confine yourself to bad relationships
This is a very important thing. Because there have been so many women who suffer from unhappy loveless relationships or marriages. Because they are afraid that after separation they will not find new love or a new marriage. That’s old history. Today many women after divorce still find a worthy marriage.
When the spouse doesn’t respect or betrays them, confident women will find a way to end the relationship rather than holding on to it. They think seperation is the best way than detaining themselves in a bad relationship. They believe that breaking up is the closing a door, but a better door will open.
 So, be a confident woman!

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