Supernatural ability of human

Supernatural ability
Imagine that you have the ability to hear the music with your eyes or hear and taste the colors. According to the scientists, this is the accompanying feeling – synaesthesia is a rare neurological phenomenon that occurs when multiple senses are activated at the same time. 

Blind people are very good at locating echoes

Common sense is color – sound, numbers – letters, colors – symbols. It is estimated that about 1/200 people have this condition, mostly female. The most supernormal abilities are as one who hears familiar songs when eating chocolate or smells of lavender when someone touches them.

Next to another supernatural, the superhuman memory syndrome is called Hyperthymesia. They can remember the details and details of what happened at any time in the past. In 2006 this syndrome was first mentioned by a team at the University of California in the United States. This is really a burden for the sick person, because the past is always visible and permanent in their minds, including the sad stories, the distraction, the inability to enjoy the happy life mottj the way entirety. This supernatural ability does not help much, because the patient only records information and events in life as an autobiography.

Blind people are very good at locating echoes. This supernatural only occurs in animals such as bats and dolphins. These people actively create sounds in a variety of ways such as tapping, chucking the tongue and then sensing the sound of feedback and determining the size and location of things around.

Supernatural ability is sometimes a burden

The next one is Savant syndrome or schizophrenia syndrome, are often more dominant than others in one area. This supernatural ability is often inexplicable, sudden and sometimes even disappearing. Typically the ability to read and memorize thousands of books, capable of counting large numbers without using a computer or any other support tool. However, they are usually people with neurodevelopmental disorders or psychological disabilities. Science proves that more than 50% of people with Savant syndrome are autistic or more serious than brain lesions.

About 25% of the population has more taste buds on the tongue, helping them taste better than ordinary people. However, most people do not like foods that are high in fat and sugar.

Some people claim they have the ability to see halo, or colorful light around other people’s bodies. In a study published in the journal PLoS ONE in July 2009, scientists at Kyoto University in Japan found that the human body actually emits a small amount of visible light, but With very weak intensity. This is a byproduct of biochemical reactions in the body. Some sensitive people can see these lights.

According to experts, the magnetic field sensation “magnetoreception” has been confirmed in birds, insects and some mammals. They rely on this ability to migrate and orient themselves around the world. Joe Kirschvink, a geophysicist at the California Institute of Technology in the United States, finds evidence that humans have this ability. Two hypotheses are given to explain the basic biological processes of magnetoreception.

The first hypothesis suggested that the Earth’s magnetic field triggered a quantum response in proteins called cryptochromes found in the human retina, but the mechanism of returning the information to the brain has not yet been determined. The other theory is that humans have receptors on the body that contain tiny magnetite “compass needles” capable of self-aligning with the Earth’s magnetic field.

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