Age-based psychological crises over life stages

Since birth and growing up with many ups and downs, people are facing worries daily… There are very important periods of times that come along with changes in thought, perception and lifestyle. Many people call them crisises of age  or aged-based crisises.

According to psychologists, age-based crisis is a stage in human life, when physical changes are reflected in mental states. At that time, hormonal changes occur in the body, along with stress and diseases. These transitional stages occur not only once in a lifetime. If you understand this, you can recognize the cause of crisis and overcome it gently, avoiding damages.

Crisis of age two
We will face our first difficulties at 1.5 to 2 years old. At this age, the character of a child begins to form. The child will deny everything that they once believed. Besides, they believe that the whole world, all toys and clothes … belong to them and only them. People around them can be considered as enemies when they don’t allow them it to take possession of everything.

Crisis of age 4 -5 years
Children at this age begin to learn about social communication independently through school and it is not avoidable for their to face anxiety of leaving their parents in a short time. On other side they begin to learn how to communicate with society and start defining their own space, begin feeling the need to be independent, separated from parents and understand more about themselves. In order to do that, they raise hundreds of questions, trying to know how everything is built.

Crisis of age 7
Children prepare for or have to attend school. Their communication is expanding, obligations appear more, games are no longer the top priority but instead the school work. It is not easy for a child to adapt to new conditions so it begins to show signs of resistance to a new life.

Crisis of age 11-13
This is the beginning of the crisis of adolescence. Hormonal changes will trigger a hormonal storm. The kid understands that he is no longer a child. He desires to be treated like an adult even though psychologically he is still immature. This is the cause of mental breakdowns, arguments with adults, leaving home or school dropouts.

Crisis of age 16-22 
This is also a very important stage. Yesterday they were students and today they have to stand up to make career choices. The first time they go to work, they fall into a whole group of strangers. They have to find a way to integrate into that environment. They first make money and start learning how to spend. Some people marry at this stage and begin to approach more important responsibilities.

Crisis of age 30-35
At this age, people are able to see what they have and have not achieved in their careers. If everything goes well as planned then there will be anxiety about losing it. Social relationships or colleagues sometimes make them stressful and lead to psychological crisis. Little conflicts with colleagues or bosses can lead to nervous tension. “If I lose my job, who is going to support my family?” The fear of loss is greatest in this stage of human life, and sometimes they feel their job does not bring them satisfactions. They often feel that that they still do not meet the purpose they set for themselves. These fears and suspicions always put people in a state of nervousness, even leading to neurological crisis.

Crisis of age 40s
The mature age experience comes with many crises, it is called the “middle age crisis.” In life, everything seems to be ok, the children are grown up now, not much to worry about. But it is from here the cause of the crisis has arisen, and people in their thirties are full of energy and begin to feel a sense of helplessness. Meetings, parties or love affairs no longer bring excitement and wild blood in their veins boil down. It seems that the meaning of life is gradually disappearing.
Women start looking at their own shortcomings and worry that they are not young anymore. Men become jealous of young people and implicitly compare themselves to them in a sense of regret because everyone has jobs and children. The wife has become too familiar through out the years and the closeness is not as much fun as before.
Crisis of age 50’s 
Age seems like an judgment with many people. Most women reach this age undergoing premenopause. Men suddenly realize  that they have started shading, along come baldness, obesity, aches and pains … Both sexes have to visit doctors, hospitals and take better care of their bodies. Changes inside and outside the body put them in a state of crisis at this stage. 
What can you draw from that information? When faced with age-related psychological crises, do not be too scared to calm down, do not dramatize everything. Do not suffer for what happened yesterday and do not sit anxiously waiting for tomorrow. Live with the present. Understand that life is always great!

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