Youth with many things wasted

There are people who have gone through a period of youth and suddenly realize that they have wasted so many things.

Health: When you are young, you often do not care much about your health. Just work, have fun throughout the night without thinking about the consequences later. As you grow older you will regret what you did.
Firstly, you do not pay attention to exercise to improve health. You do not have time, because you are busy meeting with people, parties, drinking with friends, playing cards all day and night. Secondly, you do not eat enough or you eat too much. You will get depressed or obese. Your liver may suffer from cirrhosis because you drink too much alcohol. You may get gout because you eat too much red meat and seafood. You may get fatty liver from eating too much fat. You may get diabetes from eating too many sugar and sweets. Thirdly, you do not pay attention to medical examinations and treatment, so many of your illnesses become severe because the treatment is too late.
Time: Time is gold, but youth is all about wasting time to do things in vain. When you want to hold on, time will never come back. Youth is the age for learning, gaining knowledge and skills, forming a profession and getting a career. However you are still chilling because there are many attractions you cannot escape. One day, friends of the same age have a good career, have a degree, have knowledge, a good job, good relationships, and you still go with empty hands. When you get married, you will have to take on many responsibilities, especially raising and teaching children, so you do not have time to devote to studying. So, in your life, you go after other people, being in a position lower than others, your job is not attractive like the one of your friends, your income is lower than that of your friends. You are sad, you are disappointed. You want to change for the better. But, my friend, it’s too late. Time does not wait for anyone, and for you there isn’t an exception.
Youth: Like time, youth does not wait for anyone. Youth is the age when you live enthusiastically, with a lot of passion, purposes and ideals. Youth is the age you live to love. When youth passes away, there are many things you want to do but you cannot do it anymore.
Money: You waste money to go out, buy what you’re interested in … But when the need for a small amount of money comes, you have to borrow. As a young person, many people think that they spend money and then they have it again. But the sad truth is: If you do not know how to save, you will never have a big fortune in hand.
Reading: Reading helps you to learn faster and have more knowledge. But very few do it.
Opportunity: Many people often do not grasp the opportunities that occur when young. When they getting old they regret a lot of things.
Beauty: With beauty you will be more confident and find more opportunities for yourself. However, the higher the age, the beauty is limited, so you have to take care of yourself now.
Traveling: Traveling help you have more knowledge, understanding the culture in different places, it is very useful. If you think that traveling will cost you lot of time and money, you are really wasting your own youth.
Learning: Learning is like reading, it helps you develop and absorb more knowledge. What you do not know, you can ask, learn from others, so that when you get old you can have comfort and happiness.

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