Some notes when testing Hp bacteria by UBT breath test

Many patients feel anxious when it comes to testing for Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori or Hp), a bacterium that causes chronic gastritis, peptic ulcers, stomach cancer. For many patients, screening for Hp infection must be accompanied by gastroscopy, which is a “phobia” for most patients with stomach illness and is one of the most important causes for screening. Hp bacteria after treatment is still limited.

In many previous articles, we have mentioned the breath test for the bacteria Hp is one of the most accurate and convenient tests for monitoring the outcome of the treatment. Thick with Hp bacteria. Interestingly, the Hp microbial test with breath test was also invented by Australian physician Barry Marshall, who first demonstrated the presence of Hp and its ability to cause disease. This bacterium.

Breathing Test how does Hp bacteria work?

Before testing your breath, you will be given either a pill or a solution containing carbon isotopes C13 or C14. If there is an Hp bacterium in the stomach, the Hp bacterium will break down the urea into carbon dioxide, by measuring the amount of C13 and C14 released in the carbonic gas. Out Urease) in the stomach or not.

Breathing Test how does Hp bacteria work? first

Mechanism of Hp screening by UBT breathing test

The process of performing breath test checks for Hp bacteria in the stomach

Patients taking a pill containing 14C or solution containing C13 13C and sit down. After 15 minutes, the patient is blown into a test tube of 14C or a balloon of 13C until the equipment or technician signals sufficient CO2 for a test. The average blowing time varies from 5 to 10 minutes depending on the amount of breath the blower enters. The technician will then control the carbon monoxide measuring device and report the results to the patient (after 3-5 minutes).

Procedure to perform breath test for Hp bacteria in stomach 1

Steps to check for Hp infection through breath

Advantages of the method of testing Hp bacteria by breathing test

High Sensitivity: The sensitivity of the test up to 95% allows the detection of Hp activity at a very low level.
Specialization up to 96% helps to avoid errors due to the effects of other Urease bacteria.
The accuracy of the method is up to 88% which makes breath testing a reliable method of monitoring and monitoring Hp infections.
Time Savings: The entire test takes place within a maximum of 30 minutes. The patient can go to the facility to perform the breathing test and request it immediately.
Safe, painless: The test for Hp infection with a breath test is completely painless for the patient. Although C14 is a radioactive isotope of carbon, however, the amount of radiation in each test is extremely low, leaving no significant adverse effects on the body. However, children under 8 years of age are still recommended to use the C13 breath test to be safer, but the cost is much higher than the C14 breath test.

Can be done to check the effectiveness of treatment Hp: After the patient treated gastric disease with Hp bacteria with a treatment regimen need to check the status of Hp infection, the re-examination as In most cases there is no need for gastroscopy to perform a breath test for Hp.

Accurately assess the amount of active Hp: Active Hp bacteria are responsible for inflammation, stomach damage. The UBT breathing test results in high levels of urease production. At times when the Hp bacterium is active and its ability to cause disease is higher, it is more difficult to eradicate Hp.

Those who should check for Hp infection through breathing

Testing for Hp infection through the breath was performed to check for Hp infection in patients with signs of gastrointestinal disturbances, signs of gastric pain such as flatulence, epilepsy, Blood iron deficiency unknown …. Or family members with stomach cancer.

Those who are diagnosed with gastritis but can not or do not want to do gastroscopy can perform a breath test to diagnose Hp infection.

Patients undergoing treatment for Hp-induced gastroenteritis should check after administration of the drug to see if the outcome of the treatment is successful.

You need to fast, drink hot drinks, sweets, acid or base items for 4-6 hours before the Hp test through the breath. The best time to do this test is in the morning after a night of no food.

It is important to note that the Hp test for breath is similar to other tests for Hp, which should only be made 2 weeks after stopping gastric acid secretion and 4 Weeks from the date of discontinuation of antibiotics (including antibiotics for other diseases such as pharyngitis, diarrhea …)

While conducting a breath test, patients need to breathe properly and enough time under the guidance of a health care provider to achieve high accuracy.

Testing for Hp infections can be carried out in a variety of different ways, whereby the breath test method is considered to be the most up-to-date method to limit the shortcomings of other methods and is A good option is to monitor the outcome of Hp-induced disease in both adults and children.

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