Methods to boost your memory

If you want to learn fast, you need to learn methodically. Here are some useful methods for quick memorizing a lesson.

Read and understand the structure and main ideas in the lesson before you go to class
There is a big difference between when you read through the lecture before class and when  you go to class without knowing anything about the lecture. Read ahead, first read the main headings to understand the structure and how they relate to each other in terms of logical relations. Then you surf the content of each heading  to learn what it says. You do not need to understand everything because you are still listening to the lecture and you can ask about things you don’t understand, you also have to do exercises related to the lecture again. Just ignore the points you do not understand and read the other parts. Such preparation helps you  understand the subject faster when you go to class.
Think about the outline
It seems that we all have heard the memorization method by writing the outline, but do not know how to do it right. Very simple, the first thing you need to do is read the entire subject you are learning 1-2 times or more. As soon as you firmly grasp the requirements of the post, stop. This gives you a rough idea of the problem and is easy to set up. Next you need to break the content down by the main headings, in each part you subdivide into many other subheadings called headlines. Each section has its own name and its own important requirements. You can highlight or underline the important parts of each section, so you have completed an outline and memorization is no longer a problem.
Draw diagrams
The outline of the lecture can be mapped into tree diagram, each main heading is a large branch, each small item is a small branch. You write the name of each item on the diagram and write down the summary or main idea or main recipe for each item. You can use arrows to connect the related content of the headings, along with those links you can add a summary. Diagrams help you understand quickly and remember for a long tim. They can take a while to complete but do not regret doing that, because you can keep it and use it when preparing for tests or exams.
Write down main ideas on paper
In addition to memorizing with detailed outlines, you can also choose to remember by writing down the key points and summarizing the important parts so that when you open the pages you can systematically recall the lecture – without opening the book. You need to avoid cumbersome over time.
Revise silently
You can revise lecture silently. If you forget something, you can open your notes and diagrams to recall information. Do not forget the important parts of the lecture and do not miss any of the details while reciting. You learn that way, part by part until the end of the lecture. Then you need to rehearse the whole thing again in a more systematic way. This time you will remember the parts that you forgot or missed to mark and study again thoroughly. The last time in this method is to re-learn the lesson with questions and then answer them in silent so that the lecture fixed completely in memory.

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