Some of the strange mental illness that medicine has not explained (pt1)

There are so many psychiatric illnesses that today when the science of technology has advanced, they are still great mysteries challenging professionals.

Over the years, scientists have made a breakthrough in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. More and more diseases are known as depression, bipolar disorder, mental paralysis. Unfortunately, there are still many unspecified diseases. Here are four of the most bizarre, most perverse mental illnesses you may have never heard of
Over the years, scientists have made a breakthrough in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. 

Signs of Capgras syndrome are paranoid people who are close friends such as spouses, relatives, close friends, even pets that have been replaced by identical identities. Paranormalism can occur on one or more objects, persistent or batched.
A 1991 study describing a 74-year-old woman with Capgras syndrome: “The patient was diagnosed with atypical mental disorders at the thought of her husband being replaced by another man. The patient refuses to sleep with the impostor, blocks his bedroom at night, asks his son for a gun and fights with the police when asked to be admitted to the hospital. Except the husband. “
So far, scientists have been unable to find a link between lesions and autism

So far, researchers have not been able to find the source of Capgras syndrome. Some suggest that the cause may be due to a simple identification process in the brain that is damaged by the effects of a stroke, overdose or other external factors. However, many experts consider the problem to be not in the face recognition, but rather in the subconscious emotions.
Capgras syndrome can be associated with other mental illnesses, but the most common is schizophrenia and is usually seen in patients with neurodegeneration.
Lesch-Nyhan syndrome
Compared with cannibalism, This syndrome is even more frightening as patients feed on their own bodies. Not specifically categorized in the American Psychiatry Institute’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders, self-perception is a matter related to impulse control because it can not contain harmful actions. Patients themselves or others.
A case of a true 66-year-old man hospitalized for insomnia and gradually self-abuse. “The patient eats his or her fingers for six years,” the doctor reports. “Behavior starts with biting your fingernails and turning to biting your finger, causing your fingers on both tables to burn off.” The patient was then treated with antipsychotics and antidepressants but did not work.
Not all autobiography is the same. Sometimes this disorder warns another problem, such as another Lesch-Nyhan genetic ability syndrome. One study researching has found that five patients with autism after a spinal injury. Among of these people have been “intelligent, willing to discuss their problems and can self-determine the level of stress or isolation in life” in an incomprehensible way.
So far, scientists have been unable to find a link between lesions and autism, so this is a mysterious mental illness for us. Treatment of patients with medication, counseling, behavioral therapy only brings about very modest results.


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