What children don’t like about their parents


There are some things that children do not like about their parents, such as getting angry and scolding them. These actions make children become alienated from parents. Let us find out what kids do not like about their parents:

Parent’s quarrels
Don’t make mistakes of assuming that your children are young, so what you do is not concerning them. Actually, children are observative, they watch  you and remember your actions and things you say in front of them.
There are some families, where parents are continually quarreling , using vulgar words, even fighting; that makes the family atmosphere stressful all the time, which creates tremendous pressure in children’s psychology and makes them tense.

Parents’ anger
Children are very sensitive to the mood of others. Therefore, when parents are angry, even if the cause is not related to the child, it will also affect their mood and behavior.
It’s best not to get angry with your children, but if you get angry then explain to them where the problem lies, and how to solve it at the same time. Use kind gestures to help children feel your concern and protection.

Parents’ unfaithfulness
Loss of faith means loss of prestige. When adults’ action doesn’t match what they preach, they not only lose their credibility their children’s eyes, but also cause disadvantages for their development. The children – who have not yet formed a conception of the faith – will feel that their parent(s) cannot take responsibility, thus can form the bad habit for children.

Parents’ impatience in answering children’s questions
The child is in a period where curiosity is very strong, young mind always has many questions “why”. There are many parents who complain that children bother them with questions and give very poor answers.
While children are very young, they can feel their parents’ attitude, cold words suggest that they should not ask, or should not ask about these problems, which causes the child to lose confidence in their parents. The superficiality of parents makes children gradually less enthusiastic about any issue, and also gradually lose curiosity and eagerness in learning.

Parents’ disregard of children’s advantages 
This is rooted in the psychological desire of parents who require their children to be talented. However, everyone has advantages and disadvantages. Due to the fact that parents live with their children, what they see is almost always their fault but ignored the advantages. Therefore, parents often bring their child’s weakness to compare with strength of other people’s children, making them feel self-deprecating.
Doing so, you want to show your children good example, but that really bring great damage to children, even negatively affect their whole life. Every child has their strengths and weakness. Although the ability of the child is different, they can learn fast or slowly, their achievement maybe is high or low, but to judge a child one  can not only rely on this regard.
 Parents should understand their children more, so that they can grow up in a happy family!

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