The truth about stomach cancer: Gentlemans occupy a very high rate of infection.

Researchers have done research and show the protective effect of estrogen, a hormone typical of women, to gastritis, which can lead to stomach cancer. Some forms of cancer, such as stomach, liver and bowel cancer, are more common in men than women. Some scientists believe that lifestyle differences such as diet and smoking are the main causes for that difference, but more and more evidence is emerging that the root difference Lies in the biological problem of the body keeping the male with the female.

Adding to the existing evidence, a new study at the University of Massachusetts showed that male subjects treated with estrogen have the potential to significantly reduce the incidence of gastric cancer, particularly Types of cancer are caused by chronic infection by Helicobacter pylori (Hp).

This study was published in the Journal of Cancer Prevention Research. The study also describes new detailed mechanisms on how estrogen can fight stomach cancer. This is important for scientists to find drugs that work against stomach cancer.

It seems that doctors will treat male gastric cancer with estrogen-containing drugs, but researchers believe that their research could lead to a new treatment for masturbation. Anti-cancer action of estrogen hormone. “If we can narrow down the specific effects of estrogen to help prevent stomach cancer, we can find much more effective treatments,” said Dr. Alexander Sheh, a Ph.D. in the Department of Comparative Medicine at the University of Massachusetts.

Stomach cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death worldwide, and people infected with H. pylori have a much higher risk of stomach cancer than those who are infected with H. pylori. People do not have this type of bacteria in the stomach. More than 50% of the world’s population is infected with this bacterium, although most people do not experience any symptoms, which is still being noted by scientists, The rate of stomach cancer is as high as Japan, Korea, Taiwan.

Hp infection stimulates the body’s immune response but leads to chronic gastritis, a risk factor for stomach cancer.

Many studies have shown the anti-cancer effects of estrogen on women. Men who are late to menopause and have more children are at lower risk of stomach cancer, estrogen inhibitors such as breast cancer, Tamoxifen, for example, which increase the risk of stomach cancer. women.

Recent studies from James Fox Lab, professor of biochemistry engineering at MIT and director of DCM, have shown that females cut off the uterus, and do not produce estrogen anymore. , Will lose the ability to fight stomach cancer. In another study, Professor Fox gave estrogen to male mice immediately after birth, and the mice were furthermore equipped with the ability to fight gastritis and stomach cancer cells.

In a new study led by Dr. Fox, the researchers waited until the mice started developing gastritis before they were injected with estrogen. Mice in research produce large amounts of gastrin, a hormone that stimulates gastric acid secretion. The mice developed cancer cells for 20 months.

H.pylori infection speeds up the process of cancer, in about 7 months. Like men, men tend to have stomach cancer higher than women.

In the 24th and 16th week after infection with H. pylori, male rats in this study were treated with estrogen, tamoxifen, either type or both. Female mice treated with tamoxifen or untreated. Researchers hope Tamoxifen can deprive estrogen protection in both male and female mice.

However, among male mice, all three treatment groups – with estrogen, tamoxifen or both – were protected from stomach cancer. Actually, none of the mice had cancer, even before they even had gastritis. 40% of untreated mice develop gastric cancer.

Among mice, tamoxifen-treated mice did not differ from mice that were not given tamoxifen. The resultant surprise suggested that in the stomach, tamoxifen may mimic the mechanism of action of estrogen rather than inactivation of estrogen.

These surprising results, which are explained by complex molecular mechanisms of action at the molecular level, have opened a new field of study that promises to decode many things related to gastric cancer, prevention. And treatment of stomach cancer, the most common type of cancer and the highest mortality rate in the world.

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