Tips to prevent stomach illness for children

Gastrointestinal health plays an especially important role for young children in the early stages of development. This is also the biggest worry of parents with children in general. The child’s stomach is a very sensitive organ in the gastrointestinal tract, susceptible to disease but not easily detected because of symptoms atypical, parents often overlook. Here are five tips for parents of children with stomach illness.

Causes of child stomach disease

There are three major causes of stomach trouble in children: dyspepsia, dyspepsia, dyspepsia, abdominal distension, decreased absorption, heartburn, etc. The first cause is due to self Young children are not perfect so some functions are not as effective as adults. The next thing to mention is that the child’s hygiene is not as good as that of adults, leading to gastrointestinal infections, including H. pylori infection, a serious bacterial infection of the gastrointestinal tract. The last and most important cause is that due to the subjectivity of the parents, many parents still think that children are less susceptible to stomach diseases.

Hp is the number one enemy of the young stomach

The following 5 tips for parents not only help children away from gastroenteritis but also help parents handle when the child has stomach pain.

1. Give your child proper food

With an incomplete digestive system like that of children, parents need to pay attention in the process of choosing baby food. In the early stages of life, the ability of the stomach to contract is not good if the choice of foods that are too solid can cause the stomach of the child to overwork, causing warmth and pain in the stomach area. . When children with gastritis, whether or not with Hp, parents also pay attention not to eat hot spicy, fried and banana spicy foods because it is easy to stimulate gastric mucosa is increased pain sensation Good and long heal.

Parents note that at each age, the demand for nutritional rate, digestibility and absorption of the baby’s body is very different, so the choice of food for children must be based on real needs. It is important not to force children to eat in the way adults eat, especially in families with collective eating habits for generations.

Balanced diet helps children prevent gastrointestinal disease

2. Guide your child to self-care for the stomach
It is not difficult to guide children to take care of their own stomach as many parents think, but it is very effective for children. Parents should integrate the interpretation of the importance of individual health care with the study of human organs through animated images and videos that inspire the learning of children. The usual health knowledge parents should guide children is knowledge of food hygiene, eating cooked boiled water, clean hands before eating. When eating in the collective avoid using each other’s bowls to limit infection of infectious diseases, such as infection with Hp bacteria for example.

When a child is suffering from stomach illness, parents should guide their children to identify abdominal locations, listen for symptoms in the body to preliminarily distinguish them from other clinical manifestations such as gastrointestinal disorders This is great for your baby to later assist the doctor in finding the cause of the disease.

3. Stay away from the source of the infection

Most pathogens in the stomach are bacteria, viruses, fungi or chemicals. These types of pathogens are available in infectious sources such as raw food, rancid food, water, etc. Parents should guide children every day with video or photo books so they understand what is going on. The source of the infection and the appropriate prevention.

4. Always listen to the child’s opinion

When children have abnormalities in eating, bowel movements or signs of abdominal pain, vomiting … you need special attention because they are the most common signs of gastrointestinal illness including stomach . In some cases, transient pain is more likely to have a child with functional dysfunction and may recover on its own after a short period of time. However, for cases of severe or repeated episodes, you need to take your child to specialist pediatric Digestive Clinic for follow-up and counseling.

When children are suffering from gastritis, especially with Hp, talk to your child regularly to find out what your child is experiencing, explain what he / she needs and take medication.

5. Equip children with “weapons” against pathogens

Immunity is a powerful weapon against pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Parents need to focus on boosting their children’s immunity by adding some immunostimulants, such as vitamins in vegetables, fiber supplements, and available vaccines.

OvalgenHP is antibacterial Hp extracted from egg yolk

One of the common gastrointestinal illnesses that is very common in children and is likely to increase rapidly in recent years is gastroduodenal duodenal ulcer caused by HP bacteria.

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