Why are we never happy and peaceful? (P2)

Everyone wishes to have a happy and peaceful life but we rarely have this feeling. So why is that?

6. Too much control
Many of us tend to control all things going on around them, people living and working around. They always want to know what other people do or think and try to influence them, wanting to make them think the way they want to think, do the way they want to do. If not, they will feel unhappy and frustrated by the feeling of helplessness. Controling people spend too much time working others, trying to shape others and somehow they feel satisfied from having people act the way they want. They also have to find ways to overcome the opposition of others, because they themselves hate to be controlled. The atmosphere around the people who like to control others are very tense and very stuffy.
Of course, it is hard to be happy if you cannot control your life, but if you go too far in that direction, too much control may not make you happy. The only person who can control your life is yourself. When you desire to change the behavior of others but cannot do it, it will make you unhappy. On the other hand, controlling someone often requires pressure in the form of force or fear, which also makes you feel bad about yourself.
 7. Complaints
If you are experiencing many troubles,  complaining about it does not solve the problem, but it even makes you feel worst because it is always on your mind. Having too many thoughts and complaints about negative things will never make you good.
There is an incomprehensible thing to many people, that our own words and our own thoughts have an impact on ourselves very strongly, both positive and negative. When we think or talk  frustrations, dissatisfaction, anxiety, then slowly, step by step, we will worry, we will be frustrated, dissatisfied and angry. With such negative emotions, our brains will get tired, our system will produce biologically active substances that damage the whole body, which makes our internal organs and muscles tense. Complaints also make others disgusted, because no one likes to sink into the troubles of others.
8. Try to impress
People liking your clothes, car or job does not mean they like you. Trying to impress others is a meaningless affair, because it is not the root of happiness. It does not make you happy. When you have a habit of chasing after everything, you are likely to be disappointed. Instead of spending money and effort impressing others, you should focus yourself on something that can really make you happy, such as family, friends and take care of yourself.
9. Think negatively
Life does not always go the way you want, but remember, everyone has the same 24h a day. Happy people will cherish each moment that they have. Instead of complaining about what they cannot do, they know how to cherish and appreciate what they have.
Pessimistic attitude not only affects your mood but also predicts what is going to happen. It is difficult to get rid of pessimistic thoughts until you realize how ridiculous they are. Make yourself look at reality to see that things are not as bad as you might think.
10. Lack of  goals
Setting goals gives you the ability and hope for a better future. It is important that you set specific goals, driven by individual values. If you have no goals, instead of learning and improving yourself, you just have to wonder why things never change.

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