How to build your confidence

Confidence is a very important human factor. It sometimes determines the ability of your success. Someone said: lose wealth, we can get back; love lost, we can find new love; but lose faith in ourselves, we will lose everything.

Being lack of self-confidence one will be unlikely to succeed, miss many opportunities, can hardly be happy because of inferiority complex. However self-confidence is not something hard to build; it was already in our hands but one would lose it; sometimes it is still us but one does not see it. And fortunately, confidence is always something that can be found and can be built up. These ways below will help you be more confident.
Love yourself
The first step to be self-confident is to accept and love yourself. If you do not love yourself, how can you expect other people to love you? First of all, you have to realize that you are equal to everyone, although you may not be as tall as them, not as beautiful as them, not as good as them, not as rich as them, but you also have a lot of good characteristics. The most important thing is to accept yourself. You may be trying to improve yourself on some particular aspects, but you always need to know how to accept yourself as you are. This may seem like a conflict between accepting yourself and your desire to improve. You do accept yourself, so why do you still desire to be more improved? The problem is in the need to differentiate thoughts and emotions. By thinking you see many points you need to improve, this is good. But, from an emotional perspective, you need to look at yourself with a sense of serenity; there is no dislike for the points that you think are bad; there is no worry that someone will scorn you; there is no jealousy of those who are better than you; there is no desire that you have to be like someone else. You are yourself and you continue to improve yourself, that’s enough. You can list all your positive traits and strengths on a piece of paper or notebook if you wish. This will more or less help you love yourself and feel more confident.
Participate in seminars
Participating in expert seminars on tips and tricks to gain confidence in yourself presented by experts is a great way to increase your self confidence. You can learn from their suggestions or even learn the gestures of the presenters themselves to gain more confidence.
Motivate yourself
Always tell yourself that “I will do it” no matter what the circumstances before the lecture or interview … You can automatically regain confidence. Practice your self-esteem everyday, you will be amazed at how much your self-confidence increases.
Overcoming fears
Some people fear that they will not be able to succeed in anything. That will make them lose confidence in themselves. To overcome the fear you have to always remind yourself that “It will not be able to do anything if i keep worrying about fear of failure. Live and work hard and be active.

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