Discovering Yourself for Career Orientation

For everybody, proper assessment of ability of itself is very important. 

The right perception of yourself helps you to know your ability, to determine what you can and cannot do; which side is strong to exploit, which side is weak to be cultivated to improve… Evaluating the success of your work helps to see that what you have received is commensurate with your effort, or should be more demanded. However, we often find it difficult to recognize and evaluate ourselves objectively. Sometimes we tend to evaluate ourselves in the ways we want, not according to reality. There are some people who value themselves higher and better than others and better than they truly are. Another tendency, in contrast to that, is that some of us always emphasize the ability of others and undervalue their own ability. We often do not realize the potential hidden within ourselves.
So, refer to the following article to discover and evaluate yourself objectively.
Notice the compliments from others
The best way to discover your inner strength is to pay attention to compliments that others give you. Maybe they will reflect on your advantages that you have not realized. However do not be too proud of empty praise you received, you have distinguish compliments given to you from each other. Because, it’s a fact that people praise each other for diplomatic reasons. So, ask the people you trust, such as your friends, to sincerely remark on you. Ask them to comment on both your strengths and weaknesses.
Participate in surveys
Today there are many media outlets organizing surveys to help people identify their strengths and weaknesses. You can join them to know what  your strengths are and how to develop yourself towards the career you feel most comfortable with.
Right use of strengths for each situation
Proper using one’s strengths for each situation is something that not everyone can do. When problems occur, people try to solve them in a forced way without thinking whether they have used their strength in right way or not. Determine your strengths and weaknesses; the things you are capable of doing well or cannot perform properly. In fact, there are many people who choose jobs or careers with just a look at the benefits that the job may brings or because someone else is doing it. That results in many difficulties and obstacles due to of lack of ability. In situations where you do not solve the problem, do not hesitate to ask for help from others.
Assess the feasibility of ideas
Creative thinking is very important, sometimes the use of creative capacity is not significant but the quality is better than imagined. However, some people possess a lot of creative power but do not know how to take advantage of it. The reason is that, they just focus on thinking out new ideas and forget about looking back and assessing how feasible it is. In order to make good of yourself, what you need to do is to evaluate the feasibility of your ideas.

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