[Recipes]: Wakame seaweed green beans porridge

Wakame seaweed is a material that is no stranger to you. A rich source of minerals and calcium should always be included in the snack menu as well as the main diet of vegetarians.
Wakame seaweed is different from Fried seaweed, Wakame seaweed is used for cooking in many types. Best used in soups, soups and porridge is Wakame seaweed.
Wakame seaweed is the secret to the health and longevity of the Japanese.
Types of Wakame seaweed in Japan are plentiful and inexpensive. Contains many vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, calcium and iron
The waters around the Japanese archipelago are home to a variety of seaweeds. The continuous flow ensures that the sea water here is always clean, bringing delicious and nutritious Wakame seaweed leaves.
Wakame is the most common type of Wakame seaweed in Japan and is sold as dried or fresh. For every 10 g of dry wakame, soak in 1 liter of water to fully bloom. Leaves of seaweed when soaked in green are very beautiful.
Do not soak or cook for too long, because wakame will be mushy, friable, no longer delicious. So when cooking porridge or sup you give it when the water has boiled to 100 degrees Celsius and turn off the heat.
Wakame seaweed and mung bean porridge is cool, helping children avoid constipation, heat in the body, or pimples … this dish is extremely suitable but easy to eat. Let’s get to work.
Seaweed Porridge Wakame Porridge.
The material is extremely simple and easy, because it is an herbal porridge, so there will usually be accompanying nuts that constantly help your baby base the amount of protein needed for his developing body.

Wakame seaweed: pickled, usually I use a long strand. And take Wakame seaweed soaked water to cook porridge
Eight fragrant rice: 2 fists.
Mung beans: 1 fist.
Quinoa: 1 fist.
Clean water 1 liter.
Sweet potato: 100gr diced.
Sunflower oil, salt, tamari sauce, white boaro head, little fresh turmeric.
Cooking Method.
Rice, green peas, quinoa are washed and soaked thoroughly 6h to 8h, porridge want to be long, you must handle raw materials very clean offline.
For soaked ingredients, pre-cooked sweet potatoes, water, seaweed broth, a little salt, heat on the stove with low heat to help porridge cooked and compare.
When the porridge is almost ripe, heat the sunflower oil to heat, add boaro, turmeric chopped into the aromatic, continue to Wakame seaweed, diced, seasoned tamari sauce for Wakame seaweed.
When the porridge is cooked, add the ingredients just prepared, mix, turn off the stove and add coriander or Chinese coriander to add flavor to the porridge. If adults eat, can sprinkle a little more pepper. Add a little onion for those who eat scallions.

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