My experience in cosmetic choices when shopping

This is an article celebrate International Women’s Day. wish you always healthy, beautiful and successful in life. This article is my share as well as a small little sisters donated to help women add the wise choice of beauty products.

Today’s post I want to share some words about the experience of yourself after winning 5-6 years of love for cosmetics. That long enough to accumulate enough experience and know-how in the new shopping and realized that, in order to understand and find appropriate cosmetics for me in many ways was a very arduous task .
Here are some of the accumulated experience personally, I contemplate buying back after all these years and the use of cosmetics. This I do not mean to impose or disparage any cosmetics or cosmetic shop at all, but merely my personal experience whiff.

1. Be serious about skin care and regard the work that is part of life:

There is a fact that many women in Vietnam with knowledge of skin and beauty care are very limited. I have seen many women can win a few hours to watching, choose fabric for clothing or all day debating whether to garments where beautiful models, but never think about the care and rehabilitation skin is severely degraded by me when they were near the age of 40 (although on the face they had displayed so many signs of the time, skin deterioration and aging severe: peeling, dryness, pigmentation and stains wrinkle lot).
Even though we have many expensive outfits, wearing branded bag or shoes that wrinkled skin deterioration, and gray face full of acne, it can not be called beautiful. First beauty is beautiful from our bodies, showing healthy physically and mentally.
A woman with good shape healthy, shiny skin healthy, smooth and plump, it was up 80% and superficial beauty then, new rest is the help of costumes and jewelry.
So I would like to confirm that skin care and body care, health is the most important of the beauty. Just as well it was going and then think about fashion and trends, to the brand name and class.

2. Start with an understanding of atopic skin and my

This is required even if the purpose of buying cosmetics for skin care or makeup, you also have to shape the skin type and the location of the new I wish to choose the appropriate products.
This is a lot of paper, Blogger has shared before but I still put it in this post and ranked priority, because real love is in the search and selection of beauty products, the categorization of the skin and location is the most important muscle.
I have seen many women go to the counter to buy cosmetics without understanding my skin problems today are, and I want to prioritize certain features of the product, keep saying the speaker and counselor told what to buy then this season (which I’m sorry to have to say this, in the showroom cosmetics do not know rather little-known cosmetics counters often unconnected, they are selling cosmetics knowledge of themselves have called. .. “holy advice” not wrong). Has repeatedly come to buy and they “advise” the enthusiasm to not want to hear anymore.
So the advice here is gi? Go to a beauty care center or showroom of a reputed cosmetic brand to be shed skin, besides read and research more classified documents about the skin to know fairly accurately my skin what skin type, now I’m having major problems on the skin. Since then knew the direction to choose the beauty products.
In addition to the classification of the skin, we must also understand my atopic. My atopic easy allergic to cosmetics not, allergy to fragrance or a specified category not to avoid. Said it seems simple, but in order to understand and know the content is also a process of reading, searching and long-term studies.

3. Please do research, read as much as possible Review before you decide to buy a certain product

It never admit!
Tell yourself to reduce the percentage of the truth when you read the advertising products on the cloud themselves called by the manufacturer. Overlooking the beautiful model like the first poster and ad words have wings, then there is not any great product, do not help us from both ducks swans goods. But in the words of an expert on cosmetic dermatology and beauty says that “cosmetic industry is the industry billions of dollars” in the cloud so immense other products is not always good products and there effective, and there will be a flood of very few products really suitable and effective for you.
So my advice here is simply, if you are interested in a certain product, you stifle desire is urging me back, take time to read, learn about the comments of the who used to consider themselves whether to buy it or not offline.

4. Never absolute trust in the seller, ask yourself with knowledge so that I was a smart consumer
I said it sounded touches you’re selling, but I think the exchange on this issue entirely objective and also close to reality. Actually, there are many very reputable shop sales and professional, but because now there are so many shops selling cosmetics and yellow brass confused so I still want to emphasize this so that when you do a new foot wet and dry step into the soft ham beauty products know to consider before choosing. Because it’s also one thing to say, was the man whom she had no greed, who cha wish your sales and of course the interest rate low much more fun then. Therefore we – the consumers have to equip themselves with new knowledge for me when shopping.
Especially in these days, when the sales shop on Facebook mushroomed after rain, anybody can sell cosmetics including capital and no capital, with knowledge of the cosmetic market or not. Even the sales that you Fanpage rolls up with several products, just sign up and receive order luxuriant lum, guest book and then go get the money of other shop … hic hic resale on …
It is from the sellers lack of capital, lack of experience, lack of knowledge and lack of conscience even more then Fake imports of goods out or date or close the lid item has been sold to guests as usual, especially with the online shoppers, getting products in the state of “fait accompli”, if there is great value when they want to do big things, sometimes abdominal press should think a few hundred thousand local news keep silent hug.
You should also remember not to place undue reliance on these reassurances of the seller is “100% standard line, non-standard house money …” and so on and so on … to be honest, but now fake confused, my eyes witnessed many you sell cosmetics amateur format will not even know what is true, how can what is Fake assured that their words have weight was.
Then I bought the shop even more familiar and know, quite confident, but still every time I buy to date all subjective because I did not check code. Then there are genuine sales showrooms but also take extra stamps affixed inserts to date to customers did not notice that the product has access to use date … so on and so …
So I emphasize again that, let me first protect cosmetics market chaos and extreme disturbances, specifically:
– With your financial conditions and geography can come directly showroom to buy genuine, it does not say, but if buying laptop then remember to read and study, view customer feedback carefully before choosing a shop to buy goods. Check see what shops including phosphate, has been complaining customer complaints about the quality of the product or no cost.
– Compare product prices in the same reputable shop to avoid buying them.
– With some products if found cheaper suddenly excessive shall also consider and review the cause. It is also normal for many as it has a large sale period, the collection you buy in bulk to be sold cheap on gradually, but certainly can not have more frequent and the number is.
Also can any occasion or reason to it that shop trolley travel discounts, new products enter the retail sale because speaking is to sell items of clothing, cosmetics, the interest rates on the prices of products as well at about 20-30%, so the seller to cut interest rates to sell to break even or less suddenly we see the prices of products considerably cheaper.

5. Try to try the product before you buy the box to offline

It is necessary for us to avoid wasting money on products that can not be used. Here I emphasize that “can not use” ie we irritated or find completely inappropriate.
So in my opinion you should purchase the small size, every trial (also called operating minisize and Tester, sample) to try out during the period from 2 weeks to 1 month if I really inappropriate.
I also want to say a little more clearly in two aspects that make-up furniture and furniture care:
– If the skin is the map we try to see our skin irritation when using the product (which is extremely important for you and atopic skin irritable cosmetics – as I here), if we apply the product repeatedly about 1 week found no itching, burning or see a rash of rash, it can be assured of buying vases to the user. Also use skincare products that we can not expect that every jar minisize used that proved ineffective, because skin is work that requires time and treat it as a normal daily activities, can not crushed brunch months improved where problems.
Nursing perspective of my shopping is very simple, I just need to apply the product no allergic phenomena, dryness is not OK, but never demanding it results much, because to be honest I did not expect too much on the miraculous effects of various types of advertising such as serum, lotion anywhere.
– If the make-up furniture, so today many cases we buy laptop, buy online, can not directly test the product to see if the irritation, color and efficiency after using cosmetic makeup , that they must purchase the package – mini type of trial. If we use cosmetic products that do not irritate, Falcon of color, cover … then think about continuing to use and buy the bottle, even if it was not what I expected, not like I thought or worst audience I can not use skin type that they also supported a waste of money, because the price of the package or vial mini try a lot cheaper than jars Full (especially with high-end cosmetics line).
– Another option is for the makeup or lotion under the high-end line in the big showrooms often have the kind of tester bottle to let customers try it, and some have entered the shop sold. If compared to (the price / product the same volume), the purchase of jars, tubes of this type is much cheaper than buying jars and bottles with the same volume fullbox.
Therefore the use of tester products are also a good way to be used for high-end products with acceptable prices. But whether buying or Full Tester is also always remember to choose reputable shop sale, there are a lot of feedback and many people trust offline. When buying should also try to compare my product tester for similar product types with different types fullbox view of the quality and aroma not to be assured that my product is yet tester, mini size with designs , packaging simple, but the quality remains as fullbox.

6. Never buy a lot of food at the same kind if you do not use them
This may sound a bit redundant, but a lot of times you have faced, especially with lipstick. Many in the face of a new son, though we have not used it but found it kind of lipstick attractive too, so that the procession about 3-4 bars to full color, but by the time a new user is aware of lipstick that can not be bored is great, so is pity away – bring – both sold for bulk liquidation son that if we just buy one tree sober, you have to try how much money that is not supported.
Her take a simple example to see is more so when we are sick ham shopping, seeing one cream or sunscreen that is down sharply, eagerly enlisted cheap think about a used buy new user know when it does not suit me.
So I want to repeat that, please just buy one thing of a product when you do not understand and lunch experience such products offline.

7. When choosing lipstick please pay attention to the quality first son instead of colors and packaging

Sometimes we buy a lipstick just because it’s nice too see color, looks attractive and lovely, but it was purchased half a year to eight months brought disposable okay. But buying lipstick to cater for daily make-up to go to school, go to work, I think the choice of lipstick is the first important thing.
Depending on the needs and interests of each person that the selection of lip gloss, lipstick or lip cream packets, lip tint, lip … the wind is different, but the general rules are to be of the best quality son, in my opinion, how including:
– Son of lip color to paint over them, clinging lightly on the lips and if possible modern lips. Son do not have much substance as this dough will be thick lips feeling very uncomfortable and when eating.
– Son must have a good grip color, we do not want to finish a little lipstick lips were pale as the original, or everyone is eating little crooked lipstick has gone right away.
– Son must not make our environment more dry, do not lip peeling skin and pale lips bleaching than normal. Generally, this factor is somewhat relative.
– Son must have a pretty good coloration, just swipe up 2-3 respectively has been the standard color, but as a variety of lipstick that matches the color rolls thick lips found both where the right is not acceptable.
But when the choice was a son meet relatively all the above requirements is a challenge, but I’m sure that there are and have. That’s why I want to emphasize the quality lip – or, more broadly, the quality of the lipstick that makes us decide, color is only the 2nd factor.
We should not choose a lipstick color we like lethargy but finished about 30 minutes, it hit our chapped lips peeling and cyanotic right.

Today seems all too much text, but this is what my heart for quite awhile and today want to carry out share with you. I just want to provide a little more experience draws from itself, is also very basic things so that if you do not know, a little help for you in the purchase and choose the appropriate product, use effectively.
Today all too long already, I would stop here liberty, if the next time I think of what more interesting perhaps I will continue to update the list this experience further.

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