Should your enterprise invest in MMS services?

Besides the extremely popular SMS, many other forms of sending messages were also born. Allows businesses to diversify channels to bring information to customers. One of the more confusing concepts with messaging services that have recently emerged is MMS. So what is MMS? The following article from an innovative media channel called will provide and analyze the necessary aspects and information to help businesses easily decide whether to use this service or not.

What is MMS service?
MMS, short for Multimedia Messaging Service, roughly translates as multimedia messaging service. Based on the technology of SMS and is likened to an upgrade of the “elder” of traditional messaging. The MMS service allows message content up to 1000 characters long. Except for text, information can also be sent in the form of images, videos and audio up to 300 kb and links can be attached.

Most carriers support MMS service. However, the number of users is still not high because this solution costs more than SMS.

Advantages of multimedia messaging service MMS
When comparing MMS with SMS, this type of service seems to be a cost disadvantage. But are there any superior features that can convince businesses to choose MMS services?

Reach customers more conveniently
Messenger, Viber or Zalo advertising messages only reach the target audience if they also register an account on that platform. However, using MMS, the company only needs the customer’s phone number.

Brand credibility is also a determining factor in successfully reaching customers. Although the spam rate of SMS is only 2.8% plus the Brandname part. The MMS service also has a subject line that, like an email, is 64 characters long. Perhaps thanks to that, the rate of customers unsubscribing to receive MMS messages is 20% less than SMS.

Engage customers faster than plain text messages
Short message numbers like 98% open rate and 46% reply rate. An extremely very attractive number for business owners. But MMS has the potential to be more effective than that.

Information is brought to customers visually thanks to accompanying images, videos, and audio. Therefore, businesses easily attract the attention of customers in the first seconds. Some visual metrics about the effectiveness of MMS such as: Clicks are 15% higher than SMS and 4 times more likely to be shared on social networks.

The process from reaching to attracting customers of MMS service is superior to that of SMS. At the same time, this is considered a stepping stone for converting customers from potential to purchase.

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