Starch of turmeric with honey: Effective but cheap

Starch of turmeric with honey has long been a folk remedy popular with many people who suffer from stomach aches, thousands of people have been freed from a severe pain caused by this simple remedy. However, in addition to people who feel the effect, many people persist in using large quantities of gold art for many years, but the results are not improving, so where’s the reason?

Turmeric and honey, if not used properly, will still recur if you consume 10kg!

Having stomach ulcers for a long time, fear of side effects caused by the acid secretion, antibiotics such as brittle bone, hepatitis, kidney failure and the most severe complications are stomach cancer. After 40 years of illness, as long as I persist in using turmeric and honey daily to prevent recurrence. In those decades, tiiu has been drinking tens of kilograms of turmeric powder, but the symptoms can be cured, but can not completely cure, occasionally the stomach pains again, causing him to hiccups, negativity to eat Insomnia

Stomach pain is not effective, what is the cause?

Medical studies around the world have found that the active ingredient that makes the yellow color and gives the effect of yellow gold is Curcumin, which accounts for only 0.3 percent of turmeric. For gastric ulcer Curcumin works by inhibiting the HP bacteria, reducing secretion, increasing secretion of mucus, quickly restoring lesions and helping to protect the lining of the stomach.

With so many effects, but because in turmeric only about 0.3% curcumin, so with 2-3 teaspoons turmeric powder per day, can not reach the recommended dose of medical experts 4-8g curcumin / Day to be sufficiently effective. Not to mention the absorption of each person, for people with good absorption ability, can see the effect after 1-2 months of use. For those who are poorly absorbed, many years of use still do not produce any results.

What is the solution to this problem?

So, to increase the effectiveness of the technology, we must increase the content and increase the ability of Curcumin absorbed into the body. To do this, Nano Curcumin was born. In 2013, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, in collaboration with CVI Cosmetics, announced the successful production of Nano Curcumin and launched CumarGold. The emergence of nano-grade Curcumin with a quality equivalent to the American product has become the top 10 scientific event of 2013.

With a micron size of 50nm-70nm, Nano Curcumin is very dispersible in water, soluble 7.5%, 7,500 times higher than regular curcumin in turmeric. With such solubility, according to experts’ calculations, only 2 -4 CumarGold capsules per day were as effective as eating 4kg of fresh turmeric or the equivalent of 120g (over 1t) of starch turmeric per day. right.

For stomach pain patients should combine turmeric starch with pure honey to the best therapeutic effect. These two drugs when combined together will have the effect of preventing and supporting the root cause of gastric ulcer in parallel with the treatment of Western medicine or exercise diet.

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