Hypnosis and mysteries in the subconscious world (Part 1)

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Surely we are no strangers to the term “hypnosis“. Hypnosis can be defined as the ability to control the thoughts of others, making them do things at the discretion of the operator. The hypnotized person is no longer able to control himself, the brain is completely dominated by others. That is still what the entertainment program has brought to the audience. In fact, there are still many mysteries of hypnosis we do not know yet.

The ability of hypnosis
Hypnosis is really a strange art because of its ability to control its mind. In fact, there are people who are more likely to be hypnotized than others and there are those who are most likely to suffer from hypnosis. Scientists have done a study that shows each person’s ability to hypnotize is different. Age groups less than 12 years old are more likely to be hypnotized because the brain’s processing cycle is not complete. Meanwhile about 20% of adults are very difficult to be hypnotized.
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Hypnosis is really a strange art

Medical treatment via to hypnosis
With science, the main use of hypnosis is the ability healing, also known as hypnotherapy. Hypnosis helps the person to change many bad behaviors or can help them forget unforgettable memories or simply help them find the cause of their traumatic experiences. This practice often leads to an unconscious change in the patient by placing them in a state of complete control.

Hypnosis performances
There are actually two kinds of hypnosis that are medical hypnosis as mentioned above and in this section are stage hypnosis. That’s what we often see at entertainment shows. The hypnotist controls the minds of the audience and forces them to act in their own way. These hypnosis performers are, in addition to the hypnosis they use a lot of other magic tricks and often use pre-selected ones to perform. It stimulates the crowd and makes them admire, admire, enjoy, but actually this method is less related to the true nature of hypnosis. This hypnosis is only considered as a purely recreational tool.
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We can also hypnotize ourselves

Automatic hypnosis
You might be surprised to learn that we can also hypnotize ourselves, which you need is the knowledge you need. There is a temporary method called auto-hypnosis or self-hypnosis, which allows you to use your subconscious mind to influence your own behaviors in a way that unconscious sense. This method was discovered by Coue, who is also the author of “Self-Mastery Through Conscious,” describing in detail how we can place ourselves in a state of hypnosis such like the Hypocrites often do.


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